Revelation Wellness

From the Madness to the Method

As you may have seen, I’ve embarked on this adventure called “Revelation Wellness Instructor Training” – and today I want to tell you WHY.

I don’t know about you, but the quest to become healthy and whole has been a rollercoaster ride for me. I’ve been through several seasons, from junk food binges to a strict ketogenic paleo diet, from yoga three times per day to beach bum/couch potato, from being bound by the chains of anxiety to experiencing the freedom only God-given peace can reveal. It has seemed like whenever one or two things were in order, the other(s) were going haywire. When I was active and ate well enough to have a beach body, I couldn’t eat a cookie without melting into a puddle of guilt. When I was relaxed and peaceful, I couldn’t bring myself to workout or eat healthy, and my inactivity and poor diet made it difficult to even bend down and pick something up off the floor. I couldn’t find a balance, and I was certainly at a loss for answers.

I just didn’t understand why nothing was working, especially when I did the research to truly understand nutrition, fitness, and mental health and put in the time, effort, and discipline. What bothered me most was that I knew I wasn’t truly loving my friends and family because I was so bogged down by my own shortcomings and hollow heart. Now the answer is very clear: I was relying on myself and focusing on me instead of relying on God and focusing on Him.

I’m still a work in progress – mainly because I keep trying to take back control. When I let Him have it, He fulfills my heart’s desire for unconditional love and makes sure I’m provided for (John 15:9, Philippians 4:19). He changes my heart to want His Will of my mind and body being whole, healthy, and fit for spreading that love to others (Ezekiel 36:26, Psalm 37:23). From this I am not bogged down with the shame that comes from not being where I want to be. He gets me where I truly want to be. Then He asks me to use my burden-less freedom from shame, my fulfilled heart and soul, and my able body, as a holy temple for Him to spread His love through me to everyone I meet so that they, too, can experience God’s given freedom and fulfillment (1 Corinthians 6:19-20).

Is it easy to give up control? No. Is what I’m asked to do by God always easy? No. It is always good, though, and after all, what good thing in life comes free? Furthermore, God promises that His Holy Spirit will guide us to His goodness (Ezekiel 36:27), He personally will be with us through the trials (Isaiah 43:2), and His Son paid for any mistakes we have made or will make along the way, so we can spend all eternity with Him if we just choose to believe (John 3:16).

Now God has lead me to Revelation Wellness’s Instructor Training Program. Here I will dig even deeper into educating myself and others in relying on God to get whole so that we can spread His love, full of grace and truth, to others. I expect the physical demands and the emotional surrender of my own flawed will to the perfect Will of God to be challenging. God will provide through it, though, and I will come out stronger and better equipped to do His good work on the other side. I’m all in!

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