Hike to the Highlands

Train to hike Mount Bierstadt, one of Colorado’s famous 14ers, while learning through the Songs of Ascent to praise God both on the mountain and when the mountain is in your way

WHAT this program includes

  • Teaching and discussion on the Songs of Ascent focusing on God’s providence, provision, and presence in our tough seasons
  • A 14-week training program with coaching and accountability
  • 3 extra weeks of training at no additional cost for anyone wishing to start at a slower pace and work up to a higher intensity
  • Schedule flexibility: strength training will be available in a pre-recorded virtual format so you will be able to do it all on your own time. Weekly hikes and runs will be included as part of the training, and these will occasionally have the option of meeting as a group, but it is not required to attend the group sessions to complete the training
  • A holistic (body, mind, spirit) approach to the entire event
  • Two certified fitness instructors with lots of hiking experience
  • An authentic, grace-filled community of people

WHEN this program takes place

Strong & Steadfast our vigorous 14-week program, runs June 11th – September 16th

Slow & Steady our slower-paced, intensity-building program, runs May 21st – September 16th

Both programs will conclude with our Hike to the Highlands Retreat September 16th-18th when we will head to Georgetown for a weekend of worship and fellowship, and the big hike on the 17th.

WHERE this program takes place

Most of the training will be held in the comfort of your own home or the great outdoors. Some of the training hikes and runs may be in or around Loveland, Fort Collins, Longmont, or Windsor (we will meet at VCC to carpool for these). We will summit Mount Bierstadt, near Georgetown.

WHO this program is for

  • Someone who has always wanted to hike a 14er but never had the courage – or support – to try
  • Someone who yearns to dive deeper into God’s Word
  • Someone who desires to get in shape while enjoying the outdoors
  • Someone who would like to know what it’s like to experience God’s power by soaking in His Word while you exercise
  • Someone who is just feeling stuck and in a dry or difficult season

COST of this program

  • $60 EARLY BIRD SPECIAL for either training option (sign up by May 4!)
  • $70 for the Slow & Steady training – 3 extra weeks/NO extra cost! (sign up by May 18!)
  • $70 for the Strong & Steadfast training (sign up by June 8!)
  • $TBD the cost of the Hike to the Highlands Retreat Weekend (total Airbnb & food costs will be divided among the total number of participants)
    • This cost will be provided once sign-ups have closed, but you can expect it to be up to or around $100
    • Fundraising opportunities will be provided throughout the training to help you cover this cost